Charleston’s Capital Improvements include Brand New Sewer Tunnel

Neighborhoods across Charleston’s suburbs are undergoing several capital improvement projects which will benefit the longevity and capacity of the current sewer system. Cities from Mount Pleasant to Greenville are making progress bringing their sewer infrastructures up to date. Currently, a very interesting project is in the making-an impressive sewer tunnel. The tunnel is expected to be a mile long and 100 feet below ground, located in downtown Greenville. Residents can expect work to be ongoing beginning next year. The project will be a wastewater project to enhance the current system which is nearing capacity and in need of rehabilitation. Engineers are still in the process of finalizing design details, which will be disclosed in the months ahead.  In Mount Pleasant, there is another noteworthy sewer project taking place which required the city to implement and develop alternate installation solutions due to the scope of the project.  Additionally, the town’s tree ordinances created an added expense of nearly $3 million.  The project route has been reduced in size from its original outline and includes removal of a 20-foot swath of trees located in front of a local Market where the open cut method will be utilized to install the sewer main.

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