The City of Columbia’s Comprehensive Sewer Review

The City of Columbia’s Capacity Assurance Program (CAP) is a program that reviews all new sewer service connections and increased wastewater flow. This review follows specific criteria to determine if the City’s wastewater system has sufficient capacity to accept new connections and increased flows. The CAP is a part of the Columbia’s comprehensive program to reduce and prevent sanitary sewer overflows. The City is required to implement a CAP that meets federal and state approval. As part of its Capital Improvement Program, the City regularly identifies projects that could improve sewer capacity. Columbia has completed numerous projects that have avoided many capacity limitations within the system, including upgrading all of its major sewer pump stations, rehabilitating a major sewer outfall, and upgrading capacity at the wastewater treatment plant.

In recent years, Columbia has been dedicated to rehabilitating the sewer system in order to address the existing problems of raw sewage overflows. Based on the sewer system assessment and requirements, the city developed and implemented remedial projects and infrastructure upgrades to address these conditions. The remedial projects were in addition to infrastructure upgrades already underway. The city has also established specific programs designed to ensure proper management, operation and maintenance of its sewer system over the long-term to prevent future sewer overflows. At an estimated cost of $750 million, Columbia has agreed to undertake a thorough assessment of, and implement extensive improvements to its sanitary sewer system. The initiatives for reducing sewer overflows focus on prioritizing issues of human health and the environment.

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