Kiawah River plans Implementation of Sewer Main

John’s Island is indeed an island unto itself, for sewer purposes, it seems. On the South end of the Island sits Kiawah River.  The Beach Company is soliciting help under the advisement of the senior executive of development to build a sewer plant.  This private facility would be a must for this quintessential, untouched island to even consider future residents.  Though John’s Island serves as a perfect retreat for neighboring Charlestonians, it is also home to unspoiled acres of land.  It has not been an easy endeavor, though tried for years, to incorporate plans of a private sewer.  Residents have weighed in as well, and some are not ‘all in’ for this potential taxpayer expense. There are also environmental concerns being raised about the affect new development will have on the Kiawah River.  There will be upcoming public meetings this month on John’s Island to gather more information on the prospective strategy.

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