Mount Pleasant’s Smart Sewer Saver

The neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, a suburb of Charleston, S.C., has implemented a smart and effective program for reduction of sewer blockages.  The City created a creative plan for our residents, specifically, our business owners.  These particular businesses will not only be aware of, but comply with the City’s best practice guidelines for protecting the sanitary sewer system.  Most of us are heeding the fact that we are in the midst of the rainy season here in Charleston and surrounding Cities.  No great surprise, as sporadic rainfall is part and parcel for this time of year. In and of itself, this can be taxing for our sewerages.

So, it seems just good business to implement the ‘Fat’s Oil, and Grease’ program AKA FOG. This program essentially requires businesses in food and automobile services of Mount Pleasant to practice good management criteria to eliminate sewer system overflows caused by these controllable elements.  The City believes that directing and enforcing proper practices of eliminating blockage causing substances will be significantly effective.  This tactic will go far in managing the environmental ecosystem and keeping our water, sewer system and residential areas safe and free from pollutants.

Mount Pleasant is a step ahead in preventing costly repairs.  Perma-Liner believes in preventative measures, also.  We specialize in Cured in place pipeline and state of the art trenchless technologies.  Check us out online  We’ll help you keep your residence and community intact and running smoothly.



Save the Date!

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