Oyster Fields Polluted By Sewer Spill outside CharlestonOyster Fields Polluted By Sewer Spill outside Charleston

Oyster Fields Polluted By Sewer Spill outside Charleston

Hollywood, South Carolina’s sewer system needs help and negotiations are moving forward on a plan to provide the needed help. But, not without some issues.

The plan to fix the system was presented last week after a leak in the current sewer system dumped millions of gallons of waste into a tributary last year. After an investigation, it was found that the leak was caused by years of neglect and financial challenges.

The presentation didn’t come without issues. One being for a portion of the new plant to pave the way for 32 new sewer taps in Dorchester that would connect to Hollywood’s existing infrastructure in the Poplar Grove development. Many felt the town of Hollywood was not going to benefit from this step in the plan.

Dorchester County’s ability to secure sewer service is a linchpin to its participation and is legally obligated to ultimately provide 400 taps to the developer of a large swath of land north of Poplar Grove, and the first 32 homes are working through the county’s permitting process now.

In the proposed plan, a full engineering study of the sewer system has been offered. A study like this would be a necessary first step to apply for any grant funding for major repairs.

While reviewing and deciding on next steps, sewer mishaps have not stopped.

One resident has experienced sewer backups for the last two years, and there’s typically a sewage spill on her property about once a month. Attempts to resolve the issues with the town have yet to work.

It could take years to decide and finalize a plan to stop these sewer spills. For now, residents, and oyster fields, will continue to experience spills until something is decided upon.

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