Powdersville Receives Award for Water Program

South Carolina’s Powdersville Water District was the first water utility in the state to receive the prized Directors Award in the Partnership for Safe Water Distribution System Optimization Program.  The Powdersville Water District was formed in 1971 and supplies an average of 3.5 million gallons daily of high-quality water to approximately 12,500 connections through a 400-mile distribution network. Storage is 3.6 million gallons and consists of a relatively new 1-million-gallon elevated tank, two 300,000-gallon elevated tanks, and two 1-million-gallon ground storage tanks.  Because of the hilly terrain and supply connections located at a higher elevation than the rest of the system, the district is completely gravity fed. The district also maintains one pump station for the sole task of reducing peak flows in the morning and afternoon hours.

The service area is located along the Interstate 85 corridor between Charlotte and Atlanta and is growing rapidly. Powdersville is seeing numerous new subdivisions and commercial developments opening each year. The City has worked with a rate consultant for over ten years to maintain an accurate estimate of its financial needs. All financial plans are adopted by the district’s nine-member board and all actions are properly advertised to the district’s customers. Public board meetings are held monthly and include customer input at every meeting.

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