Warm Water Overflows Induce Disorientation for Charleston’s Manatees

The city of Charleston is contending with a variety of sewer overflows caused by wet weather and flash flooding events. Charleston, and other cities in South Carolina have recently dealt with heavy, sporadic rain which preceded several hazardous conditions for local residents. Surprisingly, the inclement weather has also been a concern for the manatees in Charleston. Because of the change of temperature in the waterways do to overflows consisting of warmer water, manatees have been in harm’s way and in a state of confusion. Ordinarily, it’s the time manatees migrate to warmer temps, but due to the unusual warmth of the water, a few made the decision to stay put. This created a potentially hazardous situation which led to a rescue effort of the lingering sea cows, as they are sometimes referred to. Manatees who fail to migrate face serious risks. Additionally, discharge temperatures can have a major impact on wildlife. Tracking devices, when equipped, serve as a helpful tool in securing the location of a manatee. Remember to be on the lookout for all manatees when boating. Boaters are asked to use caution when in low water. The shallower the water, the more likely it is for a manatee to be present. Also, if you notice swirling water or movement, take a second look, it could be a manatee.

Interesting fact:  A resting manatee can remain submerged for up to 15 minutes, but while swimming, it must surface every three or four minutes.

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